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Our Partners
Kawasaki Thermal Engineering
Mesan Cooling Tower
OKM Valves
History of Kawasaki Thermal Engineering:
Kawasaki Chillers. Kawasaki is the pioneer in the absorption technology with over 6000 installations worldwide and the first direct fired absorption chiller to be installed in Pakistan was also Kawasaki in the year 1985.
Kawasaki is still much ahead in his research and development to produce excellent energy saving type machines .This is the reason that they currently achieve another milestone in the shape of Triple Effect Chiller with 1.6 COP and quality products.
No comparison in features and services.
Kawasaki Awards:
  1. World’s Most Efficient Direct Gas Fired & Steam Fired Chiller.

  2. Sigma Ace (1.29 Model) was awarded as “Green Model” by Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas and Toho Gas.

  3. Sigma Ace Chiller is the World’s best Chiller.
Dongguan Mesan Fiberglass Engineering Ltd is a subsidiary of the Mesan Group in Hong Kong. With more than 30 years in cooling tower industry, Mesan is one of the first foreign investor to set up the Joint Venture business in China.
Since 1987 Guangzhou Mesan Fiberglass Engineering Ltd produced for the domestic China market and since 1990 Mesan Fiberglass water-cooling tower processing Ltd. for the export market. Due to the rapid development and the market expansion, HK Mesan merged these two factories into one plant located in Dongguan at Sept 2002.

Mesan is an engaged in design, production and marketing of high efficient “MST” brand for cooling applications in both commercial and industrial markets.
A co-operation with German Engineering Councils specialized in Cooling Towers and Shanghai Jiao Tong University; Mesan is constantly providing new solutions to meet the requirement of rapidly advancing technologies.

We endeavor continuously for better efficiency and lower operation cost of our “MST” Brand name cooling towers. Our research and development is aimed at optimizing the power, electrical energy consumption and noise levels. “MST” towers are operated in China and well-distributed to South and North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, UAE and Africa.

Being the certificate holder of ISO 9001:2000 audited by TUV, Mesan has put a great deal of efforts into innovation and assures reliability as well customer satisfaction through the synergy of quality service and product integration.

Mesan, professionals in thermal solutions
OKM Valves

Quality Valves For Four Decades
Since 1952, OKUMURA has specialized in the manufacture of high-quality valves for industry's demanding fluid control needs. That's four decades extensive experience in fluid control technology. In 1955, OKUMURA patented its first plate valve for use in paper pulp mills.

Today, OKUMURA delivers a full line of butterfly, knife-gate, plate pinch specialty, and electronically controlled valves to industries around the world. Now, OKUMURA brings its hightech fluid control technology to Malaysia, with the opening of OKM VALVE Malaysia. Sitting adjacent to the Straits of Malacca, the shipping crossroads of the world, OKM Valve Malaysia delivers improved fluid control to the expanding industrial markets of Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and beyond.

Intelligent Heating and Cooling Systems.
OKM provides a full line of butterfly valves for air conditioning and heating systems around the world. These multifunctional valves find applications ranging from heat source control to coil cooling control.
Fluid Control in Plants and Factories.
OKM butterfly valves control the flow of the water and other fluid resources in power plants and large-scale processing facilities around the world. These valves are compact and lightweight for economy and high performance.
In Ocean-going Ships Worldwide.
OKM butterfly valves find wide application in shipping. They control the flow of the water for engine cooling, ship's ballast, and overboard control ship's hydraulic systems. OKM butterfly valves find wide application in shipping. They control the flow of the water for engine cooling, ship's ballast, and overboard control ship's hydraulic systems.